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How many levels a website has, the design and all the internal linking. It is important because it makes navigation around your architecture template website easier for a human and a search engine spider.
The easier it is for humans to navigate your architecture site, the longer they will spend on it, the more purchases they will make and the more backlinks they will give you.
The easier it is for spiders to navigate your site, the more pages they will index and the more free traffic you will get.

Levels or tiers are like categories the ideal number of categories/tiers is three. That is because it is easiest for a users and search engine spider to navigate around a three tier deep website without getting bored. In general spiders will stop indexing architecture pages of the template at the fourth tier.
The three tiers are the homepage, a slightly less broad topic which should deal with something related to the homepage for the second category and then a really niche page for most of the content on your architecture site template which is the third tier. Here is what a user's path should look like: homepage> category they are interested in> particular niche page they are interested in. That is the ideal situation and from the niche page they can go back into the first category, the homepage or to the other categories of the architecture template website either directly or through a site map.

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