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Working in the auto sales business means showing off your inventory. Working in the modern auto dealership market means that you have to do more than just show cars on the lot. Modern cars are more reliable than ever, and most people - especially in this economy, are locked in on getting maximum value.

They get that value by doing online comparison shopping for cars between different dealerships. That comparison shopping is an opportunity for you to capitalize on. What your potential customers want is a good, high quality picture of the cars, they're looking at - both from the front, the side and in the interior. They'll want to see make, and model number, mileage, and warranty status, and a repair history, and they'll be looking for your site as well as others.

How that information gets presented depends on you; used to be, you'd keep a sales rep tasked with the job of updating the web site whenever new inventory came in or left, and that sales rep would spend most of their working day in front of a computer doing data entry. Fortunately, the state of web design has improved since then, and the tools are a lot more automated; there are now auto dealership templates that can be had.

These car templates range from the very basic ones that you get from your hosting provider (which let you change the background color and put a logo into a pre-made template) to highly customizable ones that have database driven tools that let you automate a lot of the data import and export from your already extant sales and file systems.

When looking at these scripts, there are some questions to ask yourself. Do you want to roll your own, or have someone customize and existing one for you? If you have a dealership near a college campus, it's not too hard to find a college student in a computer science program who'll do a customization of an existing script for a reasonable price. One thing that's very important - whether the script is custom or out of the box - is making sure that everyone who's working at that dealership knows how to do the data entry into it. Nothing is less useful than a web site selling cars that doesn't get updated regularly.

What language does the script and template run in? The most common ones are PHP, which have the benefit of running on nearly every web server out there; ones with more flexibility and room for growth are written in Python, which you'll have to ask your hosting provider about.

Ultimately, the end goal of these scripts is to give you a way to draw customers in, focus their search into specific models and help them find the car that suits their needs. Make sure your template lets them search by the parameters that a customer would want to see, which may be different from what you spec out on the lot.

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