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If you want to meet people and you want to do it on your own website, you are in for a real treat. This is because dating templates can be found at low-cost and best of all they can be customized by you. That's right; you can build your own dating site with a web template and charge people to meet you and your friends.

All you have to do is download the dating template from the company's website, load your photos and type in your text. There are many different templates to choose from depending on your interests. Do you want true love? Marriage? Casual Encounters? Kinky stuff? It's your website, so you decide what kind of people you want to meet. Forget about different levels of harmony, if you are into leather, you can customize your dating website template to meet the kind of lovers you want.

Stop paying fees to websites only to be disappointed that you can't meet who you want. Charge other people and let them be disappointed for a change while you make money off of their misery and loneliness. Of course, you will want them to get the first month for free. Once they become addicted to your sick and twisted world of love where they are accepted for who they are, charge them a hefty monthly fee.

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