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Fireworks Templates

When it comes to fireworks template, many people will try to compare thisĀ  top-notch program with other design programs, and with good reason. fireworks templates have amazing design capabilities and the ability to do similar things in terms of Image-editing, design creation and more. However, as a designer (and a Photoshop loyalist), I would have to say that they are each equally good at what they have been made to do; Photoshop can't be beat for image editing and there isn't a better program out there for Web design than Macromedia's Fireworks for making the fireworks templates (it should be noted that Adobe has owned Macromedia for the last two years).

Lately, I've been giving Fireworks a try even though I've been using Photoshop for most my life. A funny this is happening- I'm starting to like it. While both applications have their strengths and both have their weaknesses, I'll most certainly revert back to fireworks templating.

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