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A good hotel website template combines all of the following:
It is lodged on a decent server and loads quickly.
A hotel template is compatible mobile devices and can be visited by the growing number of travelers that make their reservation on iPhone or BlackBerry while already traveling.

Its look and feel are pleasant and appeals to the right target market.
The navigation is very easy. The visitor should never have to do more than move the mouse to find the information he or she is looking for. Spry or Flash menus should be kept to a minimum, not only to make the reservation path easier, but also since this is an important issue for the search engines.
The website is pro-active and provides the answer to all questions a visitor might have, from the size of the rooms to clear descriptions of the location and how to get there.

It goes without saying that the marketing message as well as the SEO techniques must be fully ethical for the hotel template. For years it has been clear that key word stuffing can get you penalized in the search engine rankings, but very, very many hotels keep doing it and consequently never climb in those rankings, even if their website is already old and trusted.
In 2011, the photography obviously has to be of high level or, if it is not, at least reflect the same image of the design or the hotel itself.
An excellent hotel template is all of the above, but will stand out over even the very good ones when...
The content of the hotel website template is fresh and original. There is no copy/paste involved and the texts refrain from standard marketing babble humanity as a whole has become immune to.

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