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I used to get frustrated with free communications templates, trying to install them into Frontpage or Homestead, using the zip file they come in. I could never seem to get the pictures aligned or anything to stay straight. It ended up looking nothing like the Website! After much struggle, I finally learned how to upload these communications web templates and make them look exactly like I want them to every time. These are for basic web templates only. I am no expert, but uploading templates is not difficult at all.

1. You need to download an FTP, or file transfer protocol program. I use smartFTP because its simple to use, and free to download.

2. Before you upload your communications template, you need to make sure that your domain name is pointing at the name servers of your hosting account. If they are not, go and do that before continuing any further by going to your domain name registrar (ex.GoDaddy,namecheap).

3. When you log into SmartFTP, enter the domain name pointing to your hosting account, the username, and the password. Then click "Go."

4. Your server will appear on the right side of the program. This is where all the files for your webpage will go or "sit." The left side of the program will be the files that are currently on your computer. On the server side, open the folder that holds all of the files for your website.

5. Next, take the zip file containing the communications web template that you downloaded from the web and upload to the server side of SmartFTP. Unzip the file and you're done!

6. The index file will automatically appear as the homepage, so this is the file you should see when you visit "" Now just edit your text, links, and pictures. For more advanced modifications, you have to learn some html basics. I remember, however, just seeing your communications webpage online for the first time is cause for celebration.

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