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1) Utilize a content management system with built-in mobile plugins. WordPress users have long been able to use a plugin that enables mobile browsers to adapts sites. Recently Blogger initiated a similar feature. Call up this blog on your mobile browser and it's much easier to read - only disadvantage is that the sidebars are not shown. If you have something to promote, put the links in your post.

2) Generate a mobile-friendly template version of your site. Most large sites have mobile counterparts that are called up when you sign on with your iPhone or Android. Twitter, for one, launches into mobile mode when it detects your browser. If you know the CSS, you can code your main site to detect the browser in use and direct the reader to the appropriate pages. If you are not tech savvy, you can employ the services of a web developer to assist you for your mobile template.

3) Utilize a third-party mobile template generator. A search on mobile site conversion will land you several leads that can take your site or RSS and make it readable on mobile browsers. Bear in mind, however, free services are not necessarily free. You may find terms of agreement include insertion of paid advertising in your site.

However you decide to go mobile, do it quickly. If a smart phone user in unable to read your site on a tiny browser, he is less inclined to delve further and learn about your books.

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