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As Mother's Day comes around all scrapbookers will want to create a scrapbook layout - but for what purpose? Let me suggest that there are at least three things you should consider
1. Your Mother. Celebrate your Mother in a scrapbook or layout, large or small.
2. Your daughter. Scrapbooks get passed down to daughters. I don't know why. If you are lucky enough to have a daughter, think about adding a page to the special scrapbook you keep for her that shows something you and she have done in the past year.
3. Yourself. Add to your own scrapbook special times you've spent with your mother, your daughter, or both!
If your mother is a scrapbooker herself, you may like to create a layout for her to add to her own scrapbook. You can showcase things you've done together in the past year, or an event from your joint past. Choose a simple layout using colors mother template to harmonize with the pictures you have. Sometimes the relationship between Mother and Daughter isn't an easy one, so if you find yourself struggling to find the right words you can mother template use something like a rub on to display your feelings, or find a poem or a favorite quotation on (search for 'mothers') that sums up your relationship. One of my favorites is from Milton Berle 'If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?'
My mother and I have always had fun singing, so for me mother template the ideal way to design a page for her is just to think of a line from a song. She is also particularly fond of butterflies, so it's always easy to find a theme for a page for her, and I enjoy creating mother template colorful butterflies and flowers, with the Garden Delight or Patterned Bug acrylic stamps from Inkadinkadoo. I usually stamp and emboss these onto colored card and cut them out, but recently I've been experimenting with the Suakura embossing glaze pens, a fabulous way to mother template make butterflies almost as colorful as the real thing. My latest page was made from the saying 'Friends are Flowers in Natures Garden' because I found we had lots of small pictures of our friends. I cut these into circles and made them the center of flowers. It was a two page layout with small 3D flowers along the lower border and stamped bugs and birds flitting among the blooms. A great big tag with the name of each friend finished off the page, tied with a toning ribbon. Flowers are always a safe theme for Mother template, but try to make it as personal as possible by choosing her favorite flower, her favorite animal or at least her favorite color.