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The issue of buying magazine templates can be a thorny one - a lot of people look at the templates on offer and think that they could come up with something themselves and save the money.

Here's the comparison I like to make...
Yes, it's true, you could indeed design your own template, the same as you could just as easily do your own plumbing.
The savings you make from the plumber are paid for by the annoyance of that constantly dripping pipe, and the frustration of eventually getting a plumber in anyway, with a result of no saving, wasted time, and unnecessary stress!

The same applies to templates.
If you are thinking of buying, then it means you appreciate the value of news templates.
The help they give you in compiling your regular issues, the fact that they can drive features which will draw the customers in, means you know the value of them.

So try doing it yourself, and good luck.
Just like the plumbing, without the training that makes the job look easier than it is, you'll find it a bit harder to do it on your own.
The results won't be as good, and as you analyse why, you'll come to the conclusion that you should have bought the news templates in the first place!
Don't go through this frustration - there are magazine news  templates on sale that are clearly designed by people who know what they are doing, it's their knowledge you are paying for.
They have experienced what works and what doesn't work, and a good templates offer will be able to show you live examples to back it up.
So to sum up, the short term view of saving a few bucks is really a false economy - you will do much better in the long term as you realise that buying magazine templates is not a waste of money at all.

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