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Racing template fans may enjoy the Daytona 500 Party more than watching the racing template at a sports bar with enough attention to party planning. There are two main elements to a sports party: food and a big screen television. A small T.V. will due in a pinch if traffic flow is considered in the viewing room.

When this is a necessity try setting the food in a separate location from the T.V. This will encourage non-racing template conversation to take place away from the serious sports fans. That will allow for less tension with those trying to concentrate on the smaller screen. T.V.
trays will be a welcome addition to the viewing area allowing fans to grab snacks and quickly return to their racing template without the awkward balancing act that a plate and beverage would otherwise necessitate.

New for the coverage of the 2007 Daytona 500 stockcar racing template will be its prime time schedule. The racing template will begin at 4p.m. and last well after dark. Be prepared to entertain guests for hours since they may be inclined to stay well after the end of the racing template. Pre-racing template coverage starts early so don't plan any other activities for the day of this racing template!

It is likely that both a late lunch and dinner will be expected for a Daytona 500 Party. Cold cut platters, potato chips and themed paper party goods can be the best approach to feeding this crowd during the long racing template. Another idea would be to use slow cookers for baked beans or cocktail wieners. Buffet style serving is a must and cold beverages need to be kept on ice near enough for racing template fans to quickly refresh their own drinks.

When all preparations are made the only thing left is to listen for the instruction: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

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