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A wedding website template is a must. Most modern couples make a wedding website with information about their ceremony and reception once they get engaged. A personalized wedding template site can help both you and your guests, as long as it is designed properly and includes key information. Avoid common wedding template website mistakes by following these five tips.

Don't Let Your Wedding Website Get Cluttered By Ads
A wedding website does not have to cost a lot of money. Plenty of major wedding templates can be bought at good price. However, you want to make you sure take time to browse and evaluate your different options. Too many free site hosts clutter their pages with ads. These ads are distracting, and can make your website look tacky.

Include Basic Information About Your Wedding Day
Although you want your website to be pretty, it is more important that your wedding page be useful. As your wedding date approaches, you will be busy with last minute preparations. You will not want to spend time giving directions to fifty wedding guests individually. Include all the info your guests will need on your website. Then, if they call you with questions, you can direct them to your wedding page to get the info they need.

 Link To Your Registry
If you are obeying old-school etiquette and not including your registry information in your wedding invitations, go ahead and include this info on your wedding page. If possible, include a link to an online wedding registry. This will make life easier for guests who do not live in towns with lots of retail options. Make it easy for your guests to buy you gifts so that you will be more likely to get the items you need to start your married life.

Let Guests Get Involved
Include a guestbook or comment feature on your wedding template site so that your guests can let you know how excited they are for your special day. You can even ask guests to submit ideas for songs they would like played at the wedding. This helps people feel involved and gets them excited and ready to celebrate.

 Match The Style Of Your Wedding
Make sure your wedding website matches the style and tone of your planned ceremony and reception. Do not design a very formal wedding template if you are having a casual backyard ceremony. Details are very important. Try to match the website to best fit your wedding's theme.

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